NVVI Lunteren Symposium 2016: 31 March & 1 April

'The immune system strikes back'

Our immune system exhibits an amazing capacity to trace and combat invaders, which is for example illustrated by the wide variety of pattern recognition receptors that efficiently detect pathogens. The multiple facets of innate immunity have been revealed over decades, ranging from cellular components – macrophages, granulocytes, DCs, NK cells, ILCs – to soluble factors and sensors. By studying host responses to pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, immunologists have gained major insights into the underlying mechanisms of the complex interplay between immune cells and microbes. In addition, understanding the molecular details of effective anti-microbial immunity permitted its use for prevention and treatment of infections. Importantly, this has also provided more insight into other diseases and has led to therapeutic applications for cancer, autoimmunity and other inflammatory disorders.

For example, the discovery of neutralizing Abs, B and T cell responses in adaptive immunity has provided a solid basis for vaccination and immunotherapy approaches.

This year’s Lunteren Symposium will focus on novel immunological insights into host-pathogen interactions. Pathogens appear to have incorporated exquisite strategies to circumvent, counteract, and/or withstand immune barriers in order to establish infection. More knowledge on these mechanisms will not only advance our understanding of the immune system, may result in novel therapeutic strategies for a wide variety of diseases.

We hereby invite you to the next level in the game of anti-microbial responses: host immunity strikes back!



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