Session III: Cells on the move

Thursday March 30, after tea break

16.00                   Alessandra Cambi, Nijmegen, The Netherlands acambinw_kl.jpg
“Dendritic cell mech-nanobiology”

 Dendritic cells play a pivotal role in recognizing invading pathogens in peripheral tissues and subsequently inducing a potent immune response. This lecture will describe our efforts to understand the nanoscale architecture and dynamic remodeling of actin cytoskeleton mediating slow migration of immature dendritic cells. By combining super-resolution microscopy, quantitative image analysis and biomimetic substrates, I will present novel findings about how dendritic cells probe and respond to the extracellular environment while drilling their way through our tissues. 

16.45                   Jaap van Buul, Sanquin, The Netherlands jvanbuulnw.jpg
“How leukocytes breach the vessel wall: the diapedesis synapse”

J.D. van Buul, PhD. | Groupleader | Room Y308 | Molecular Cell Biology Lab | Dept. Plasma Proteins
Sanquin Research and Landsteiner Laboratory | Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam

How to prevent leakage when leukocytes breach the vessel wall: the intimate contacts between leukocytes and the endothelium.

Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens. It serves as a protective response that involves leukocytes, blood vessels and molecular mediators with the purpose to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury and to initiate tissue repair. Inflammation is tightly regulated by the body and is associated with transient crossing of leukocytes through the blood vessel wall, a process called transendothelial migration (TEM) or diapedesis. TEM is a close collaboration between leukocytes on one hand and the endothelium on the other. Limiting vascular leakage during TEM but also when the leukocyte has crossed the endothelium is essential for maintaining vascular homeostasis. Using advanced microscopy techniques such a FRET-based biosensors and real-time imaging revealed the active participation of the endothelium in this process. 

17.30                  Drinks and Dinner


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