NVVI Lunteren Symposium 2018

“Regulating immune responses in autoimmunity, infection, and cancer: balancing activation and suppression”

Date: April 5 & 6, 2018
Location: Congrescentrum De Werelt, Lunteren, The Netherlands



Thursday April 5, 2018
11.00 Welcome and Introduction by Esther de Jong

Session I Modeling the immune system - Chair: Jose Borghans

11.15 Single cell systems biology of cancer
Bernd Bodenmiller, Zurich, Switzerland

12.00 Mathematic modeling of immunity
Rob de Boer, Utrecht, The Netherlands

12.45 Lunch

Session II Innate regulators of disease - Chair: Maaike Ressing

13.45 Nucleic acid sensing
Soren Paludan, Aarhus, Denmark

14.30 NK cell immunotherapy
Lotte Wieten, Maastricht, The Netherlands

15.15 Tea break

Session III Mononuclear phagocytes as central players - Chair: Esther de Jong

16.00 Switching off arthritis with tolerogenic dendritic cells
John Isaacs, Newcastle, United Kingdom

16.45 How to help human macrophages controlling human infectious disease by host directed therapy approaches
Tom Ottenhoff, Leiden, The Netherlands

17.30 Drinks and Dinner

20.00 Evening lecture: Cytokine control of immunity - Chair: Wifred Germeraad

20.00 Revisiting IL-2: new concepts and therapeutic implications
Abul Abbas, San Francisco, United States

21.00 Party

Friday April 6, 2018

8.15 ‘Meet-the-speaker’ breakfast sessions

Session IV Cellular (de)activation - Chair: Gerty Schreibelt

9.00 Molecular control of T cell differentiation in chronic infections
Dietmar Zehn, München, Germany

9.45 Immune checkpoints: balancing costs and benefits
Linde Meyaard, Utrecht, The Netherlands

10.30 Coffee break

Session V Antibodies for better or worse - Chair: Sander Tas

11.00 Regulating immune responses and autoimmunity in arthritis
Georg Schett, Erlangen, Germany

11.45 Antibodies as drugs for cancer
Mette Hazenberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12.30 Lunch

Closing session - Chair: Tom Cupedo

13.15 Tetraspanins: molecular organisers of the immune cell surface
Annemiek van Spriel, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

14.00 Conflicts in the De-Militarized Zone: learning immunology from patients with AIRE deficiencies
Adrian Hayday, London, United Kingdom

15.00 Closure by Esther de Jong

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