4th Lymphoid Tissue Meeting 2017

Friday June 02 2017 - Saturday June 03 2017

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Focus on: Stromal Cells

The meeting will be hosted by the annual congress of the Swiss Society of Allergology and Immunology starting on June 1st, 2017. Participants of the 4th Lymphoid Tissue Meeting will have access to all events of the main congress.
The aim of the meeting is to offer a unique opportunity for sharing views on the latest research findings on the function and development of lymphoid tissues in health and disease. Also, the congress will provide opportunities for establishing new and maintaining current collaborations. Distinguished speakers from diverse fields of immunology have already confirmed to present their exciting work. We hope that many young scientists will attend the meeting, bring in their ideas and share their perspectives.
The 4th Lymphoid Tissue Meeting will focus on the interaction of Stromal Cells with immune cells. Moreover, presentations will address the potential of stromal cells being harnessed for therapeutic applications in different clinical indications, an area that holds great promise for improving human health. We have done our best to compose a program in line with this theme.


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