3rd International Symposium Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL)

Monday September 25 2017 - Wednesday September 27 2017

Convention Center, Lyon, France

The aim of the CRCL International Symposium is to address fundamental issues in cancer biology from the molecular and biochemical determinants of cancer initiation and dissemination, to the impact of the tumor microenvironment and immunity, and to emphasize the synergy between basic, clinical, and translational research. This meeting will also address how tumor cell plasticity contributes to enhancing tumor heterogeneity, sustaining metastatic dissemination and escape from conventional and targeted therapies.

This third edition will cover the following topics:
  • Cancer and Plasticity,
  • Immunology, Virus and Cancer,
  • Tumor Environment,
  • Innovative Therapies.

Confirmed international speakers: René Bernards (Netherlands), Hans Clevers – Keynote lecture (Netherlands), Douglas Hanahan (Switzerland), Olivier Hermine (France), Christian Klein (Switzerland), Christoph Klein (Germany), Josep M. Llovet (USA), Nicholas McGranahan (UK), Robert Weinberg – Keynote lecture (USA)

We invite you to join us and are looking forward to receiving your scientific contributions and to meeting you in Lyon!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.crclsymposium2017.fr


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