”From bench-to-bin?”, the landscape of translational research

Tuesday March 21 2017

Batavia Biosciences, Leiden

The ability to translate biopharmaceutical research into product success has a high failure rate globally. The sad experience is that up to 75% of the published preclinical data cannot be validated to the point of which the project could be continued (Begley & Ellis, Drug Development: Raise standards for preclinical cancer research, 2012, Nature 483, 531-533).

During the event we intend to discuss important aspects linked to the high failure rate and provide potential solutions:

  • What are the main contributors to such high failure rates?
  • How can the robustness of published preclinical research be increased? 
  • How is research in The Netherlands positioned in this respect?
  • How can we improve the translational success rate?
  • How can different players in the field contribute to the product development chain?”

These questions will be addressed from different angles by pitches from the industry, academia, technology transfer offices and funders.

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