4th Chemical Immunology Conference

Friday March 16 2018

Rode Hoed, Amsterdam

The line-up of speakers for the 4th Chemical Immunology Conference will again cover the true diversity of chemical immunology and some of the most exciting areas of research to have emerged the last few years. As keynote we have Marc Vendrell from the University of Edinburgh, who is working on the synthesis of new fluorophores that can be dynamically activated in vivo to image cancer, inflammation and even specific subsets of immune cells in real time.


The second lecture will be given by Giulia Pasqual  from The Rockefeller University, New York and the third plenary lecture by Mustafa Diken from the Institute for Translational Oncology (TrOn), Mainz, whose research focuses on novel mRNA-based neoantigen cancer vaccines which have recently shown great promise in clinical translation. We also have some national talent on display: the recent Spinoza laureate Albert Heck from the Utrecht University, will be presenting some of the technological advances that have greatly improved our understanding of the mechanisms of antigen presentation, and Marc Robillard – CEO of Tagworks Pharmaceuticals will be presenting some of their recent breakthroughs in using new chemical approaches for antibody-drug conjugate targeting. Furthermore, the most recent ICI tenure track fellow, Annemarthe van der Veen from the The Francis Crick Institute, London, will be presenting her work on sterile inflammatory diseases that led her to take up this post. Finally, the winning PhDs and runner’s up of last year’s poster competition will present the current cutting edge research of the ICI.

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