CCI - Regulations

Regulations for the Committee Clinical Immunology (Convent Klinische Immunologie)

Regulations for the Committee Clinical Immunology
(Convent Klinische Immunologie/CKI)

1. Object
To promote clinical immunology within various clinical specialties. The field of clinical immunology includes allergy, autoimmune diseases and vasculitides, transplantation immunology, immunodeficiencies and tumour immunology.

The most important tasks of the CCI are to make clinical immunology recognizable within general internal medicine and paediatrics, to create a more distinct profile for clinical immunology within the Dutch Society for Immunology and to improve the degree of organization of clinical immunology in the Netherlands.

2. Members
The members of the CCI will be appointed for a period of three years by the General Board. The secretary will notify the members in writing of their appointment. After this period has expired, members may be reappointed once for a subsequent period of three years. The minimum number of members will be five and the maximum number seven.

3. Chair, treasurer and secretary
The chair, treasurer and secretary of the CCI will be appointed to these offices by the General Board. These three offices may be filled by two individuals.

4. Liaison with the General Board
The General Board may designate one of its members to be a member of the CCI. This member will be responsible for this task as long as he or she is a member of the General Board. The provisions listed under Article 2. will not apply to the duration of his or her membership of the CCI. This member will inform the General Board of the Surinam Committee's plans and actions and will inform the CCI of any relevant plans and actions of the General Board.

5. Finances
The CCI will endeavour to ensure a balanced budget every year. The CCI's income will consist of a sum made available by the General Board on the basis of an approved budget proposal, funds raised by the CCI by holding symposia etc. specifically relating to clinical immunology, and by sponsoring. In principle the treasurer of the CCI may use money left over from a previous budget year to pay expenses in a following year. The CCI's maximum financial reserve will be EUR 7,500. Any additional funds will be transferred to the treasurer of the Society by 1 September of every year at the latest. This additional amount will not be limited by reservations and/or payments for any activity of the CCI after 1 September of that year. The treasurer of the CCI is accountable to the General Board. Before 1 October the treasurer of the CCI must give the treasurer of the General Board a profit and loss account of the last financial year, accompanied by a statement of income and expenditure and a budget for the next financial year. The treasurer of the General Board will report on the CCI's financial policy at the Society's Annual General Assembly.


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