Scientific Program Committee

The programme committee's task is to draw up the programme for the annual conference. The programme committee will select plenary speakers, including at least one speaker with a subject clearly related to medical or clinical immunology. The programme committee will select the subjects for the parallel sessions and find the chairs for them. Both the programme committee and the chairs will have the task of assessing the abstracts submitted and selecting them for oral or poster presentation. In deciding on subjects for the sessions the committee must strive to attain a balanced programme which is representative of immunological research in the Netherlands. The General Board will select the candidate for the Van Loghem lecture.

Members of the Scientific Program Committee

Dr. J.N. Samsom, chair, e-mail
Dr. E.F. Knol, e-mail
Prof.dr. T.B.H. Geijtenbeek, e-mail
Dr. A. Lankester, e-mail
Dr. N. Vrisekoop, e-mail
Dr. M.H.M. Heemskerk, e-mail
Prof.dr. N.A. Bos, e-mail
Dr. I.J.M. de Vries, e-mail
Dr. M.W.J. Schreurs, e-mail

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