Van Bekkum Thesis Award Winners

The Dutch Society for Immunology aims to increase the visibility of excellent young immunologists in the Netherlands and has for this reason initiated an annual competition to select the best thesis in immunology.

2019 - Vincent van Unen - 'Mucosal Immunology revisited through Mass Cytometry: From Biology to proefschrift-prijs.jpgBioinformatics and Back'

2018 - Fiamma Salerno - A balancing act: effective yet constrained T cell effector function
2017 - Simon D. Pouwels - "DAMPs, endogenous danger signals fueling airway inflammation in COPD"
2016 - Jochem Bernink - 'The biology of human Innate Lymphoid Cells'
2015 - Mark Gresnigt - Recognition and cytokine signalling pathways in host defence against Aspergillus fumigatus
2014 - Liset Westera - Quantification of Lymphocyte Dynamics
2013 - Willemijn Hobo - Novel immunotherapeutic strategies after stem cell transplantation
2012 - Theo Plantinga - Modulation of inflammation by genetic variation in innate immunity
2011 - W. Joost Lesterhuis - Dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy
2010 - Jeroen W.J. van Heijst - Tracing T cell differentiation by genetic barcoding
2009 - Mirjam Kool - Dendritic Cell Subsets are Key Regulators in the Immune System

 Dick van Bekkum, one of the founders of the Dutch Society for Immunology

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