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Thursday November 03 2016

Federa Societal Award goes to the James Lind Alliance

Get patients, carers and doctors together to establish research priorities. This was the mission that the James Lind Alliance (JLA) started in 2004. Meanwhile, the JLA has been identifying on more than 30 research areas a top 10 of research priorities, and thus made a major contribution to a more patient-centered focus within medical research. The James Lind Alliance concretely and positively gives shape to a medical science that has more relevance for society and for patients. Therefore, the Federa, Foundation Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies, gives the Federa Societal Award to the James Lind Alliance. This happens on Friday, November 11th at the FederaDag in Nijmegen.

The JLA was started by Sir Ian Chalmers in 2004. He is also one of the founders of the renowned Cochrane Collaboration, which systematically brings together all the research about a particular treatment. The main instruments of the JLA are the Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs). Areas of focus of the more than sixty PSPs include: hair loss, acne, Lyme disease, dementia and neuro-oncology. More than thirty PSPs now have published their top 10 research priorities, for example, the PSP about urinary incontinency has led to five systematic reviews, three projects in development, and the launch of five research projects.

The Federa believes that in addition to more patient-centered focus in research, this method will result in even greater cooperation and in quicker available valuable results.
The PSPs make visible the gap between the research priorities of patients and caregivers on the one hand, and current medical research on the other side. By concretely contributing to narrowing the gap, the JLA shows, how durable medical research could look like.
The nomination for the Federa Societal Award was done by the Program Committee FederaDag.
Prof Leendert H.J. Looijenga PhD, chairman Federa
Prof Marco C. Harmsen PhD, board member Federa
John J.L. Jacobs PhD, secretary Federa
René J.F. Melis PhD, board member Federa; COREON
Gerard Swaen PhD, board member Federa; COREON
Jozien Helleman PhD, PostdocNL
Christina Helbig PhD, PostdocNL
Information Jorine Boet,, + 31 - 10-704 3798

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