Introducing ECI 2018

Monday March 27 2017

The NVVI hosts the 5th European Congress of Immunology (ECI), which will take place on September 2-5, 2018 in the RAI in Amsterdam (

eci2018.jpgThe ECI 2018 Steering Committee held a first meeting in Amsterdam in September of 2016. The committee is composed of representatives of Member Societies of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) (including the NVVI) and chaired by ECI 2018 President Marieke van Ham. The committee agreed on the general roadmap of ECI2018 and the RAI as place of venue.

The Scientific Program Committee chaired by Sjaak Neefjes will come together to build the scientific program on March 20- 21 in Amsterdam. Already we received a wealth of program proposals of all immunological societies connected to EFIS. The theme of ECI 2018 is “Building Bridges” and we take that seriously. The meeting will have more than 150 invited speakers in sessions connecting immunological researchers and clinicians working on immune-related diseases and immunotherapy. Other sessions will connect to interdisciplinary fields, such as systems biology and multidimensional systems imaging. Novel findings will get extra attention through ± 400 talks selected from submitted abstracts, Bright Sparks Sessions and very dedicated poster sessions.

The Local Organizing Committee of ECI 2018 is chaired by Janneke Samsom and has met twice already. The committee is working together with the NVVI on an outreach program to the general public to raise public awareness about immunology.

We will keep you updated as we build the meeting and hope to meet you at ECI2018!

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