In Memoriam - Jon van Rood

Tuesday August 22 2017

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Jon van Rood (1926), one of the founders of the Dutch Society of Immunology (NVVI), passed away on July 21.

The influence that Jon van Rood has had on transplantation immunology is beyond our understanding. His pioneering work on HLA has guided the field of transplantation immunology.  After his retirement Jon van Rood remained active in the area of immunology and hematology and helped many by his critical view of research achievements. Until recently Jon van Rood joined our annual scientific meeting in Noordwijkerhout and engaged in discussions on immunology in general, as well as transplantation immunology.

To highlight the important role of Jon van Rood for the field of immunology and our society, the NVVI decided last year on the Jon van Rood medal award for persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to the field of Immunology in the Netherlands. The NVVI was very happy that Jon van Rood agreed to associate his name with this award. 

We will always remember him for his inspiration, dedication, perseverance and commitment for the Dutch immunologyjonvanrood.jpg

On behalf of the Dutch Society of Immunology

Prof. dr. Reina Mebius, President
Dr. Edward Knol, Secretary General
Prof. dr. René Toes, Treasurer

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