Share your immunology picture with the NVVI and win a prize

Monday July 09 2018

The NVVI has the ambition to create more awareness for the importance of immunology in all aspects of health and disease. In order to reach the general public, a new website – - is currently being build, and we like to enlist your help to make this an appealing and informative portal for all immunology-related issues that may be of interest to a lay audience.

We therefore like to ask you if you are willing to share beautiful (copyright-free) pictures/(microscopic) photographs/drawings/movies that you may have and that will help to illustrate immunological cells and/or processes. All contributions (names, department and organization) will be acknowledged on the website. For the best 3 submissions we will award prizes of €50, €100 and €150,-

Please send your contributions before 20 August 2018, with a short explanation to

Thank you for your help.


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