Radboud Annals of Medical Students (RAMS)

Thursday February 11 2021

Radboud Annals of Medical Students (RAMS) is a medical journal written by and for (bio-)medical students from the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Each academic year, three editions are published that contain scientific and editorial articles written by an enthusiastic group of editors or submitted by students. With each edition, different scientific topics are covered to motivate and inspire fellow students for science. In December 2020, the 17th edition of RAMS was released with immunology as the main theme. Several topics were covered, including bacteriophages as an alternative for antibiotics, anti-NMDAR encephalitis versus schizophrenia, the role of pheromones in choosing an immunocompetent partner, and many more. Enthusiastic about RAMS? You can read this and their upcoming editions via their website: https://ramsresearch.nl/editions/2020-2021/seventeenth-edition-december-2020/

To celebrate the release of this edition about immunology, RAMS organised their first RAMS Research Round on the 4th of February where they invited Prof. Dr. Jolanda de Vries as one of their guest speakers. Here, she talked about the relevance of vaccines in cancer treatment and she gave students an insight into her life as a scientist. 

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