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Finalizing the year 2016      

Dear member

We have enjoyed a very successfull joint meeting with the BSI, please follow the link below to find the photo's.

Ton Schumacher gave his Van Loghem lecture at the BSI NVVI congress, see below to read more about his research in the interview.

Upcoming NVVI Lunteren Symposium 2017 - please save the date 30 - 31 March "Networking in Immunity"

On behalf of the NVVI board members we wish you a Merry X-mas and a successfull 2017.



Hall 1a
BSI NVVI Congress 2016 - Photo album

We are proud to announce that aproximately 1600 delegates were present at this meeting.

 Please look in this photo album of the meeting.


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Ton Schumacher 2016
Van Loghem laureate Ton Schumacher: “Immunotherapy is a plea for fundamental research”

After a long period of disillusionments, the breakthrough of cancer immunotherapy has come with the speed of lightning. After experimental successes with melanoma a few years ago, this therapy is now applied to more and more patients, in earlier disease stages and against a wider range of cancers.“I regard the present breakthrough as a victory for fundamental research”, professor of Immunology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Ton Schumacher remarks.


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Anna Oja Renee Scheurs Vera van Hoeven
We congratulate the Dutch Bright Sparks winners

Renee Schreurs - PhD Student

Anna Oja - Post doc

Vera van Hoeven - Post doc

NVVI Lunteren Symposium 2017: "Networking in immunity"

Date: March 30 & 31, 2017


Confirmed speakers

Sophie Acton (London, UK)
Graham Anderson (Birmingham, UK)
Jaap van Buul (Amsterdam, NL)
Alessandra Cambi (Nijmegen, NL)
Michael Dustin (Oxford, UK)
Ron Germain (Bethesda, USA)
Michelle Linterman (Cambridge, UK)
Reina Mebius (Amsterdam, NL)
Martijn Nolte (Amsterdam, NL)
Bart Neyns (Brussel, B)
Burkhard Ludewig


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Travel Reports 2016

BSI NVVI Congress 2016 reports

Martijn Schuijs
Liz van Erp
Paulo Urbano
Liza Rijvers
Mariona Baliu Piqué
Linda Joosse
Claire Waterborg
Michelle Damen
Martine Kallemeijn

Travel reports

Femke Stelma - American association for the study of liver diseases - Boston USA


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Symposia and Conferences

Upcoming events with regard to immunology


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