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Registration is open: Lunteren Symposium 2017      

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The Lunteren Symposium committee has succeeded in putting a wonderful program together with Ron Germain and Michael Dustin as Keynote speakers.

Don't let this symposium "Networking in Immunity" slip through your fingers, and register now for March 30 & 31!

NVVI Lunteren Symposium 2017: "Networking in immunity"

Date: March 30 & 31, 2017
Location: Congrescentrum De Werelt, Lunteren, The Netherlands

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Thursday March 30, 2017
11.00 Welcome and Introduction by Esther de Jong 

Session I      Immune – stromal cell networking during development

11.15            Graham Anderson, Birmingham, United Kingdom
"The ins and outs of T-cell development in the thymus"

12.00             Martijn Nolte, Sanquin, The Netherlands
"Back to the roots: Networking T cells in the bone marrow"

Session II      Networking: a question of balance

13.45              Michelle Linterman, Cambridge, United Kingdom
"Follicular regulatory T Cells and the germinal centre response"


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