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October 2017      

Dear member

Autumn has started and this implicates that our Annual Meeting, previously named Najaarsmeeting, is approaching. In this newsletter there is more information on the latest developments in programming of the Annual Meeting and about Sara Cherry, one of the keynote speakers.

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Abstract selection for the annual programme

Dutch Society of Immunology abstract selection for the annual programme. Each abstract was rated by at least 3 reviewers and  sessions have been built by the Scientific Program Committee.

The abstract submitters will soon be informed about their abstract selection.

Looking forward to see you all at the NVVI Annual meeting on 13-14 december.

Registration is still open.

Scientific Program Committee:

  • Dr. J.N. Samsom, chair, ErasmusMC
  • Dr. E.F. Knol, UMC Utrecht
  • Prof.dr. T.B.H. Geijtenbeek, AMC
  • Prof.dr. A. Lankester, LUMC
  • Dr. N. Vrisekoop, UMC Utrecht 
  • Dr. M.H.M. Heemskerk, LUMC
  • Prof.dr. N.A. Bos, UMCG
  • Prof.dr. I.J.M. de Vries, Radboud MC
  • Dr. M.W.J. Schreurs, Erasmus MC

Photo left to right: Marco Schreurs (member), Saskia ter Braak (secretary), Janneke Samsom (Chair) and Leendert Trouw (in coming chair) of the scientific program committee.

Sara Cherry - Keynote speakers NVVI Annual Meeting 2017
Keynote lecture 'Using genetic approaches to study antiviral immunity'

Sara Cherry is a Professor of Microbiology, Scientific Director of the High-throughput Screening Core and Director of Chemogenomic Discovery at the University of Pennsylvania.

She applies high-throughput screening technology to discover mechanisms by which diverse viral pathogens hijack cellular machinery while evading defenses. By comparing and contrasting host factor dependencies across diverse viruses and disparate hosts, her lab has revealed novel biological insights into immune defense, and illuminated the unusual biology of viral organisms largely focusing on vector-borne viruses. Her lab continues to explore the interface of viruses, including globally important emerging pathogens, with hosts to discover new therapeutic targets.


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Travel Reports 2017

Travel reports made by members who received a NVVI scholarship

Lenneke Cornelissen - AACR Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Hendy Kristyanto - 19th FEBS International Summer School on Immunology - Hvar, Croatia


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15th International Symposium on DENDRITIC CELLS

Jointly Organized by Dutch and German Scientists

10-14 June 2018 • Aachen (Germany)

Call for abstracts

Symposia and Conferences

Upcoming events in immunology


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