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June 2019      

Dear member,

Just before the Summerbreak starts we send you the latest update on our NVVI Annual Meeting in December 2019. Please register and submit your abstract this Summer, before September 2nd.

Wishing you a relaxing and inspiring Summer!

NVVI Annual Meeting 2019


Confirmed Keynote speakers:

  • Jean-Charles Guéry: X-chromosome inactivation driving immune responses
  • Martin Guilliams: Functional heterogeneity of macrophages
  • Thomas Gajewski: Mechanism-based development of cancer immunotherapies
  • Menna Clatworthy: IgG and Fcγ Receptors in Intestinal Immunity and Inflammation

Register for the Annual Meeting 2019

Submit your abstract before September 2nd, 2019



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Thomas F. Gajewski, M.D., Ph.D.
Keynote Thomas Gajewski

One of the keynote speakers of this years' NVVI Annual Meeting is Thomas Gajewski. The focus of Dr. Gajewski’s work has been on understanding fundamental aspects of anti-tumor immunity and bringing these concepts forward from the laboratory into clinical trial testing in patients.

Recent work has identified germline polymorphisms and evidence for commensal microbiota that also regulate anti-tumor immunity, suggesting additional novel ways to facilitate improved cancer immunotherapy outcomes.

Title of his keynote lecture at our NVVI Annual Meeting is: 'Mechanism-based development of cancer immunotherapies'

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Yvette van Kooyk
Previous NVVI board member receives prestigious Spinoza prize

Yvette van Kooyk receives the Spinoza prize for her research in the field of immunology. She unraveled the way in which the immune system becomes disrupted in the development of cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. We congratulate Yvette on behalf of NVVI members. (VUmc)

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Symposia and Conferences

Upcoming events in immunology


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