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All known job opportunities for immunology at Dutch research institutes are listed below. Those who are interested should contact the in the advertisement indicated person(s) directly.Only members can submit an advertisement for a vacancy (log in first in the menu), non-members can contact the secretariat if they wish to add a vacancy to this website.

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PhD student

UMC Utrecht, The Laboratory of Translational Immunology
full time (36 hours a week)

Within this translational research setting, we will investigate the molecular processes that regulate T cell and monocyte function. A better understanding of these fundamental processes can pave the way for novel therapeutic strategies to treat autoimmune diseases such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. More specifically, we will investigate the role of RNA-methylation in immune activation and autoimmune diseases. RNA-methylation is a relatively underexplored post-transcriptional process that (amongst others) regulates RNA/protein expression. We will assess the signaling pathways that regulate RNA-methylation in immune cells and evaluate the impact of RNA-methylation on immune activation. The PhD student will utilize various techniques including: RNA-seq, MeRIP-seq, CRISPR/Cas9, cloning, cell culture, flow cytometry, transductions, transfections, Western blot, Q-PCR, and BioID.
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