Postdoctoral Fellowship

A position for a postdoctoral fellow is available to individuals with a PhD, MD or DVM at the University of Alberta to study neurovirology and neuroimmunology with a focus on pathogenesis, particularly innate immune mechanisms underlying multiple sclerosis (MS) and HIV-associated neurological syndromes, using established in vitro and in vivo models for these diseases with close links to the corresponding MS and NeuroHIV Clinics.

The laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms of these diseases using state-of-the-art technologies and is comprised of individuals from around the world, thereby creating a highly interactive and exciting research environment.

The salary is commensurate with training and experience.

salary The salary is commensurate with training and experience.
job type
organisation University of Alberta
department neurovirology and neuroimmunolog
location Edmonton, Cananda

Inquiries can be made to:
Dr. Chris Power

organization profile

The University of Alberta is located in the city of Edmonton, approximately 1 million people, and near the Rocky Mountains. Edmonton offers numerous recreational, social and cultural activities. The University of Alberta is ranked one of the leading institutions outside of the USA to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship.

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