Senior Lecturer

The Cell Biology and Immunology (CBI) group of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has a vacancy for a senior lecturer to join our staff in fundamental and translational research, complemented with a teaching portfolio in the field of immunology or cell biology within the context of immunology. We now have an open position available for a highly talented cell biologist and/or immunologist with a PhD degree who successfully completed relevant post-doctoral training. Successful candidates with outstanding academic track record and scientific independence. In addition to being part of an internationally recognized research team, the candidate is expected to contribute to the ongoing innovation of the group’s educational program through mentorship and teaching. She/he will be embedded within a diverse team of senior and junior scientists and closely collaborate with supporting staff.

The candidate is expected to cover up to 40% teaching load at multiple levels (BSc, MSc, PhD, postdocs and post-academic levels) within the broader field of Immunology. In addition, proven project management skills, including good communication skills, are required. A demonstrated experience in funding acquisition is a strong asset. Connections (research, teaching, applied and translational research) within the Animal Sciences group of WUR should be aimed at strengthening the science group’s coherence, and its capacity to perform top level research, training of students at all levels, and produce high impact publications.


We ask for:
a team player with an excellent track record in fundamental and applied immunology with affinity for a cellular and/or molecular approach at an (inter)nationally competitive level. This includes an excellent publication record as well as documented international network and exposure.
experience and competences in running a research line embedded in a chair group and in close collaboration with other research lines and staff members of that group.
enthusiasm to drive immunological research forward within the Cell Biology and Immunology group in close collaboration with national and international scientists.
experience to raise extramural research funding, e.g. in EU, National Funding Agencies, Government, and commercial partners. Demonstrated success in securing funding is therefore a strong asset.
affinity with teaching for (under)graduate students and aspiration to develop new courses with innovative teaching elements at the BSc and MSc level is required. Having or obtaining a BKO (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs) or other senior teaching qualification is mandatory.
strong verbal and written English communication skills are mandatory. Awareness of the importance of dissemination and societal outreach.

salary € 3.637,- to € 5.656,-
job type senior lecturer
start 17-03-2020
end 04-04-2020
organisation Wageningen University
department Cell Biology & Immunology
location De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, The Netherlands

For more information about this vacancy you may contact: Prof.Dr.Ir. H.F.J. Savelkoul, Chair of the Cell Biology and Immunology group, +31.317.483922 (secretariat), +31.3174825 (direct), e-mail:huub.savelkoul@wur.nlor L. Kaal-Lansbergen; +31.317.480515, Please do not use these contacts for applications. For more information about the selection procedure, please contact Mrs. Martine Schröder, 4 2020

organization profile

Research topics in the group at present focus on innate (trained) immunity, mucosal immunity and allergy in animals and humans, as well as vaccine development for companion animals and farmed fish. The scientific objectives of CBI are to generate fundamental knowledge on the immune system of vertebrates, and to apply this knowledge to the development of immunotherapies, and vaccination strategies. By combining fundamental and applied approaches, the group contributes to improved health in animals and humans.
CBI consists currently of 26 persons, including 1 chair holder, 2 tenured and scientific staff member positions, 3 lecturers, 3 technicians, 16 PhD students, 1 endowed professor and 1 post-doc. The group is centrally positioned in the Animal Sciences group and Wageningen University & Research and collaborates in many local, national and international partnerships and consortia. It has strong international reputation and an prominent position in undergraduate teaching.
The Department of Animal Sciences is involved in research and education related to the health and welfare of animals and people. The primary focus is on the functioning of animals, both from a curiosity-driven and an applied perspective.

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