lecturer (tenure track) / associate professor Immunology (80%)

The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, capacity group Immunology & Infection of HasseltUniversity seeks a (m/f) lecturer (tenure track) / associate professor Immunology (80%).




Education task

The candidate will take teaching assignments in the courses organized by the capacity group in the programsof medicine and/or biomedical sciences (bachelor and master level). On a longer term, it is expected from thecandidate to include coordination tasks regarding the organization of the relevant training. It is also desirablethat the candidate participates in initiatives on innovation in education.

Research mission 

The candidate will set up its own interdisciplinary research program that complements and strengthens theexisting immunological research topics (eg neuroimmunology, autoimmunity, chronic inflammation, immune aging)within BIOMED.


You obtained a doctoral dissertation in (bio)medical sciences, biology, pharmacy or bio-engineer (orequivalent)
You have an excellent academic track record with first and last authorships on articles in international high-ranked scientific journals.
You have a strong research profile in the field of biomedical immunology.
You have experience in the successful acquisition of external research funding.
You have minimum 4 years postdoctoral experience.
You have complementarity research expertise with the existing research lines within the capacity groupimmunology and infection.
Academic staff needs to comply with the language regulations for the administrative language (Dutch, CEFRlevel B2) and the language of instruction (Dutch and/or English, CEFR level C1). Hasselt University providestailor-made support to help reach the required language level if necessary according to the Flemishlanguage regulation.
Experience with academic education is recommended.
You have experience with guidance from doctoral and master's students.
You have proven experience in setting up an international network.
You have demonstrable international mobility.


We will offer either an appointment as a lecturer in the tenure track system during 5 years. This will lead to animmediate permanent contract as a senior lecturer, if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved,based on previously set public grading criteria. Otherwise, we will offer an appointment as a lecturer or higher,which will lead to tenure. In case of a first appointment as a member of the academic staff, the Board of Directorsof the University can decide on a temporary appointment for a period up to 3 years. This will lead to a permanentcontract if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved.

job type 80%
start 16-02-2021
end 02-03-2021
organisation Hasselt University
location Hasselt, Belgium

Selection procedure
You can only apply online up to and including 01 March 2021.

The selection procedure consists of a preselection based on application file, an interview and a test lesson /presentation.

Further information
Prof. dr. Jerome HENDRIKS, jerome.hendriks@uhasselt.be
Prof. dr. Niels HELLINGS, +32-11-269268, niels.hellings@uhasselt.be
More about working at Hasselt University? Check
www.uhasselt.be/vacancies for our staff benefits.

organization profile

The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences contributes to sustainable solutions for health‑related issues at the civicUniversiteit Hasselt. The faculty focuses on excellence in education and research and connects with societythrough strong cooperation with our partners. With a constant focus on quality and innovation, the faculty is abreeding ground and magnet for talent with an open mind on society, from region to world.

The candidate will be member of the faculty of Medecine and Life Sciences and the capacity group
Immunology and InfectionThe research is conducted at the Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED).

The Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED) of Hasselt University conducts high level multidisciplinary research toadvance progress in human life sciences. High-end technology is used to deliver novel insights in three maindisease areas: (neuro)immunology, neuroscience and cardiovascular disease. BIOMED aims to translate newscientific discoveries into applications that contribute to a healthy society in line with the civic ambition of HasseltUniversity.

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